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Earthquake was born in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico made famous by surviving over 150 minor earthquakes in the spring of 2020. Earthquake hybrid CBD-CBG seeds bring the best of both cannabinoids to consumers. Made famous by its huge buds, this plant produced Budzilla. 2 foot colas are common with this massive producing strain. 38 to 1 cbd and cbg to THC ratios make this strain the new Ferrari of the cbg and cbd world. This strain is mold and pest resistant. This customized CBD genetic is setup to provide a fantastic new option as the industry progresses forward and consumers learn to enjoy more than just CBD. This is a first in the industry genetic that's currently scheduled to be released within the next couple months. Our hybrid seeds help to bring the best of both options to consumers, retailers, and manufacturers. 15% combination cbg and cbd make this one the talk of the town. Be sure to put this massive producer in the line up!

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2 reviews for Bulk Earthquake CBD-CBG Hybrid Seeds

  1. Phil M.

    this hybrid seeds was great. they were one of the best seeds CBG Mart has to offer. I already propagated some of it thanks to their help, I already have my own source at home, whenever I need it I can have it immediately.

  2. Cheryl T.

    One of the best hemp seeds that we had bought here at CBG Mart. It was a great product that they have. Well packed reasonably priced.

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