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Super Sweet Grass Feminized CBD Seeds from Sunkissed Seed are developed to produce huge lime green buds with high cbd and very low THC. This F5 is highly sought after because of its Super low THC. Its mainly from the Indica family making it produce super dense buds that pack on the weight. Big and stinky this plant is sure to put a smile on your face. Great for outdoor and greenhouse and indoor production. People love the light color and it is in high demand in the boutique smokable world. When people see the rapid growth they very happy and confident they made the right choose. with being a Indica based strain and fast finisher, it make Super Sweet Grass the strain of chose for those who live in the higher altitudes or northern states. It can be a ace in the pocket for those how happen to be delayed in planting. As with all of Sunkissed Seed strains, they are mold and pest resistant.

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CBD Seeds Super Sweet Grass Feminized

10 reviews for Bulk Super Sweet Grass Feminized CBD Seeds

  1. Donna P.

    Great store. Great product. Great hospitality. Thank you for the high-quality feminized CBD seeds. We’re very much excited to start growing!

  2. Paul M

    The seeds turned up promptly and germinated 100%. The customer service is bang on. Very appreciate the efforts guys!

  3. Tyler

    This is then third time I bought Super Sweet Grass from CBG Mart and let me tell you that they have never disappointed me. I never had ANY PROBLEMS at all with their customer service. They have always helped me and they have delivered within expectations. The same thing can be said with the seeds. I’ve had almost 100% germination result. I just wish I could’ve met them earlier.

  4. Ivory S.

    Great products available on the market and one of the best that I have tried so far.

  5. Mikayla D.

    These seeds were fantastic. They were able to deliver on time and received the product sealed and well packed.

  6. Xyril James

    Excellent product!

  7. Gerald B.

    The seeds that we got from CBG Mart was fantastic. We were able to use them in different ways, especially as one of my pain relievers and use some of them to propagate and have my own source in the future. Reasonably priced for the quality that you get.

  8. Nathan B.

    Without a doubt, this seeds are top of the line, not just for personal use but you can also propagate on your own and they will help you on how to do it on your own. it was a great experience knowing this company. highly recommended!

  9. Quintana C.

    This has been my favorite since I ordered my hemp seeds from CBG Mart. Their customer service was also accommodating and will answer your all your queries. I do recommend this shop to everyone.

  10. Blake M.

    CBG Mart has the best hemp seeds available in the market and the price was reasonable for the quality that you get from them. Highly recommend this shop to everyone.

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