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MBG: Mighty Big White Gigante CBG seeds from Sunkissed Seed are readily available in small or large quantities. White Gigante translated into English is White Giant! This plant produces huge dense buds, is a fast finisher, always super low in THC. White and full of trichrome crystals boasting a delightful citrusy smell. The structure of the plant make it an easy grow, and the tight buds make trimming a breeze. Our CBG seeds have been rated as some of the best product available on the market. Our cannabigerol (CBG) seeds are feminized have made our farmers and partners consistent top shelf producers and they have great success. This is refined CBG that has been worked on for years. A combination of MGB genetics derived out of Oregon and blended developed with Sunkissed Seed's, Spanish Breeding partner, Verde, in Malaga Spain. White Gigante hits 19-20% CBG and always low THC. A sure winner!!!

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3 reviews for Bulk White Gigante Feminized – CBG Seeds

  1. Selena P.

    This was a blast for me. The sweet tangy taste was great and the effect was superb, the muscle pain was lessen and my anxiety level also went down. I highly recommend this shop to everyone.

  2. Theo G.

    CBG Mart produces one of the top-quality hemp seeds in the market and one of it is the White Gigante Feminized Seed. The quality was fantastic and reasonable for it’s price. Highly recommended!

  3. Zabrina

    White Gigante Seeds were great, the sweet aroma of the seed was fantastic. It was able to help me with my anxiety attacks to make me relax and calm.

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