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Cherry Wife Feminized CBD Seeds from Sunkissed Seed is our highest cbd producing strain. Its a combination of The Wife crossed with Thump #1. It produces nice pink pistils early on and is super fun to watch it transform into the highest producing buds out on the market. Super dense and sticky! This one also produces very fragrant buds and will be a winner in smokable flower market. This F5 has been blessed with the highest quality genetics available. super high in CBD. It Boast a 27 to 1 cbd to thc ratio. Excellent for farming and indoor or greenhouse cultivation. Our CBD seeds are consistently rated as some of the best in the industry and we're proud to bring them to you. We offer everything from small quantities, to the ability for major farms and manufacturers to buy bulk CBD seeds needed to achieve their production goals.

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14 reviews for CherryWife Feminized CBD Seeds

  1. Andrew S.

    Honestly, I never considered the idea of using CBD in my 40 years of existence. However, due to the pangs of pains assaulting my old joints and the huge costs of maintenance medicines, I decided elsewhere. To make the long story short, my search for decent CBD medication brought me to CBG Mart’s Cherry Wife.

    What can I say? Well, Cherry Wife was a huge blessing for me. Not only did it alleviate my joint pains but it also improved my mood. What I like about this seed is how easy it was to grow and maintain. I’m no farming expert, so Cherry Wife was made perfectly for people like me.

  2. Jeffrey

    Impressive genetics and a very good sales service. The shipment was quite fast. Just 11 business days to be exact. The seeds also germinated easily. Thank you for everything! So far, you have met all my expectations!

  3. Kathe M.

    Thanks for the awesome seeds. The shipment was fast and germination was very simple. When germinating the seeds, we encountered no problems. The quality of the weed is very high and there were no adverse effects when using it and my body was completely relaxed.

  4. Daniel

    I just ordered a few to test the quality of their seeds as I was looking for a producer to use on my products. Good thing their seeds were on top grade. I highly recommend this store to everyone.

  5. Hanz

    I am quite pleased to have found this store online. Now, I can propagate my own hemp and produce my own products soon.

  6. Pete T.

    Awesome packaging, sealed and the item was delivered on time. Customer service was also very pleasant in handling their customers. Highly recommended!

  7. Sergio O.

    Thanks to CBG Mart’s high quality hemp seeds. I bought my first seeds from them and propagated them in my backyard for future consumption.

  8. Ulysses J.

    CBG Mart didn’t fail my expectations with their product. The seeds that they sell were great and a top notch quality in the market today. I highly recommend this shop to my friends.

  9. Bryan R.

    Great seeds that you can find here at CBG Mart. Accommodating customer service and they have different kinds of seeds available. Highly recommended!

  10. Klyde L.

    Cherry Wife is a bang for me the effects were great and a big help with my pain remedies. I do recommend this shop to everyone.

  11. Oscar D.

    Cherry Wife seeds was great and the effect on me was fascinating. This hemp seeds will be one of pain remedies since I tried using it. CBG Mart sells a top-quality product.

  12. Wilson S.

    The fragrant smell that it diffuses that kept me calm, relax and lessen the anxiety that I feel. These seeds were great and I do recommend this one to everybody.

  13. Ysabel R.

    Great taste and the smell was so relaxing. The seeds help me a lot to ease my anxiety and thanks to it’s effect I can now sleep soundly. Thank you so much CBG Mart.

  14. Easton J

    Customer Service was very accommodating and able to answer all the question about the CherryWife seeds. The seeds were delivered on time and I received it sealed and well-packed. Kudos to the CBG Mart and their staffs!

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